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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Garden Party - Updates

I've been so excited about the features in our yard this summer (our fabulous finch organ, on which we saw more than 60 finches at a time over the weekend, and our tranquil pond) that I've not been telling you about what's coming out of our garden.

So this week we've got...

plum jelly (OK, so we didn't technically grow the plum jelly, but you get the idea)

a few tomatoes

one lemon (with probably 50 more coming in about three weeks)

some random strawberries (we never had more than a few at a time this season)

beautifully ripened poblanos

the first of the Chilean sweet peppers ready to ripen

the start of a sunflower (we think)

our first beefmaster... with the hope of many more IF we can figure out what is eating them (I looked for worms, but couldn't find any... any ideas?)

and (hopefully) super-hot hanaberos!

Who knows what we'll find next week - check back to find out! In the meantime, check out An Oregon Cottage for her weekly Garden Party.


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  1. Awww... I like the sunflower. I planted some in my garden and they have grown tall but haven't bloomed yet. Can't wait until they do. Your plum jam has me very intrigued.

  2. You have a lemon tree in your yard? I totally wish computers had smell features. And I *THINK* the tomato thing *MIGHT* be some sort of fungus. Are you watering them daily? Tomatoes don't like to be watered daily. Every other day or every three days.

  3. Oh, that plum jelly looks so good. Wonderful shots from your garden.

  4. Beautiful garden produce and jelly--very well done!

    Athena at Minerva's Garden

  5. Mmmmm, peppers! You'll have to let us know how hot your poblanos are when you harvest them.

  6. Your garden veggie pictures are really fantastic, and that plum jelly looks so delicious! That dark spot on your tomato looks like it could be BER (blossom end rot), although I don't know for sure if they can develop on the side of a tomato like that.

  7. Plum jelly is lovely - and I envy you your bird feeding station - such a clever idea!

  8. I love to look at jars of homemade jams and jellies... yours are lovely. I must say I am envious of your lemons. I have had a plant for about 11 years and have had 3 lemons:)

  9. The plum jam looks great, as does all the produce from your garden!

  10. Produce! We have never made jelly, I leave that for my Aunts. Our little suburban garden is doing well this year with herbs and peppers. I gave up on heirloom tomatoes last year, all the t'maters got end rot. I wonder if it was a wasp that got into your tomato.

  11. I have two sunflower plants one is small and has all sorts of pretty flowers the other is HUGE (about 7-8 feet tall) but not one flower.

    My poblanos are finally fruiting and I have one Habanero but its soooo tiny and has been that way for about 3 weeks!

    I had a similar problem with my strawberries I think out of two plants I got maybe 10 berries usually one or two at a time.

    Your tomatoes look wonderful! So far all my plants have lots of little guys growing but I've only harvested two or three. I think it might be the weird weather we are having in Ca this year. I agree that it could be BER one of my tomato plants has it I cut all the effected fruits off and the second batch of fruit seems to be looking better. BER can be from inconsistant watering or lack of calcium in the soil...(Look at me acting like I know what I'm talking about!!)

  12. Hey there! Nice to see what's coming in for you- my SIL lives in AZ and talks about all the lemons that go to waste there on all the trees and I can't believe it. Lemons are exotic for us up north...but it's probably like all our apple trees!

    It sure looks like a hole from a tomato horn worm to me. BER is on the bottom (hence the "end" in the name) and usually doesn't make a perfect round hole like that. The worms aren't always easy to find and if you don't have any more damage it might be gone. That would be great, huh?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos at the TGP!