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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Summer at the Winery

We had a beautiful afternoon today.  The weather is finally summer (hot!) and wonderfully sunny.

The Mr and I headed up to Orfila Winery, where we are wine club members.  Our wine shipment was ready for us!

I love these afternoons.  We did a bit of wine tasting (their new sparkling wine was finally available and we tried some - delicious!) and then walked around the grounds for a while.

Peaceful here.

Looks like the grapes are ready to be picked!

The Mr enjoying the day...

Walking in the vineyard.

And this is a pic of The Mr taking a pic. Circular photography. ;-)

We had a great afternoon.  I look forward to going back again in the fall!

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. Such beautiful pictures, I'm sure you enjoyed your day and the wine of course! My grandfather had a vineyard in Greece and I remember him making homemade wine, he would put rubber boots on the grandkids and let us step on the grapes, it was the best time!~

  2. Looks like a beautiful afternoon!! Hubby and I biked (much to his dismay) the vineyards one time on a pre-kid trip! It was wonderful:) Loved your pics!

  3. I love visiting and touring wineries. They are always so interesting and I love learning more about the grapes and fermentation. Looks like a great way to spend a summer day. Cheers!!!!

  4. Glad to find your blog =) It's always nice to have new blogs to follow. I don't know a thing about wine but those pictures are beautiful! I love the second one =)

  5. Beautiful! ps. i love the little italy pic!

  6. Beautiful afternoon! Reminds me of a long weekend my hubby and I spent in CA wine country before the kiddos came along...

  7. Beautiful! One of my favorite trips sans kiddos was to San Francisco...oh the valley was so breathtaking. The air so clear and crisp--low humidity....LOVE IT!
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

  8. Sounds like a fun day sampling the wines. Especially from the winery grounds.

  9. Mmmm.....sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  10. That DOES look like fun... great pictures! Makes me want to visit a vineyard and I don't even drink wine ;)