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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finch Lady?

We visited my family in Minnesota at Christmas two years ago.  While we were there, a photographer friend and I did a photo shoot of the famed Trumpeter Swans in Monticello.

It was a very cool experience.  Despite the terrible lighting.  Despite the temperature, which was below zero.  And the blizzard we drove through to get there.

The swans were amazing.  There were hundreds of them.  Right there in someone's neighborhood.

An amazing sight.  Probably fragrant in the summer.  ;-)

And the reason they keep going back there?  Because a neighborhood woman, nicknamed "the Swan Lady" feeds them.  Hundreds of pounds of food a day.

We saw her out there, adding food to the fairly elaborate food supply system she set up on her property.

Hundreds of pounds of swan food (corn I think) a day.

Fast forward to this week.  The Mr and I are in the yard, filling this:

Our wonderful finch feeder!  Which the finches love.  Which we also love.  The finches love to eat, we love to watch them.

The thing is, the finches eat a lot.  A lot!  Who knew such little birds ate so much.

And we?  Have to keep filling the feeder.

We have a whole new appreciation for the Swan Lady.

Thank goodness we don't have to feed the finches in a blizzard.

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  1. Next time you visit the Monticello swans, come in April, it's a bit warmer then and no blizzards. Well, possibly. ;)

    That is one hechuva finch feeder, wow! We have Gold, Red, and house finches, just not in that quantity. Strange thing is the Red Finch's love to eat the orages we put out for the Orioles. And the orioles dine on the hummingbird feeders.

  2. I still LOVE the photo of the finches you posted a couple/few weeks ago. Beautiful. Keep feeding and keep posting!

  3. I've been wondering how you fill that feeder, ever since you first showed it. It must be a slow trickle of seed to the bottom in the small tubes. Are you going to mail order any of these? :)

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