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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Crazy Neighbor and His Mom

We live in a wonderful area.  Great location, reasonably quiet street.  Lovely scenery. 

Crazy neighbors on either side of us.

Wait, that's not part of the good things about where we live.

Nevertheless, true.

The neighbor on one side (we call him Ned, referencing Ned Flanders, though he really is very little like Ned Flanders) is in his early fifties we think.  He doesn't have a job.  He's been taking care of his elderly mom for the past eleven years, living in her house and living off of her Social Security and pension. 

I don't feel like I am telling secrets or anything here.  I am CERTAIN that if he had the opportunity to talk to any of you that he would tell you these things.  That is his thing.  He's a talker.  All the time.  For long periods of time. 

His mom died about two weeks ago.  He called a few days before the memorial service for his mom and asked if we would take pictures.  (Technically he asked if The Mr would take pictures because he is not really comfortable talking to me... kind of a male chauvanist... but The Mr couldn't and threw me under the bus asked if I could do it instead)

I was raised that when a neighbor has a death in the family, you bring food.  We have been crazy busy and hadn't been able to get over to even give our condolences except in passing much less make anything to bring.  So when we got the call, I thought "here is something that I can do!"

Though, taking pictures at a memorial service.  Odd.  I've never done it, nor seen it done.  I talked to the minister prior to the service to make sure it was OK.  The minister seemed almost relieved that I was offering.  You see, Ned doesn't have a lot of friends.  He's a super-needy guy, and a real talker.  Did I mention that?  None of the family (except Ned) came for the memorial service.  I think the minister was afraid that there wouldn't be anyone to be there for the service and for Ned. 

I took the pictures from the balcony.  No one noticed me, which was good.  It was a small and short service.  About 35 people were there, including the folks who did the music and the ministry people who bring the cookies for the "after party".

Ned's mom was a pretty interesting woman.  One of the first women pilots in the Air Force.  She flew during WWII.  B25s actually.  She was a college graduate.  She raised a family.  She received a Congressional Gold Medal for her Air Force service.

All things we never knew.  She was never really able to intereact with us in the six years that we lived next door.  We saw her in passing as Ned took her to and from appointments.  Kind of sad.

I printed some of the pictures that I took and made a little book for Ned.  He seemed to really appreciate the effort.

I thought I would share a few of the pictures of her memorial service.

A beautiful picture.  Sadly, we never saw her like this.

The minister.

Ned himself.

Early years.

Congressional Gold Medal

I am sorry I never knew her.  May she be at peace.

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  1. She sounds like an interesting lady. I hope Ned has someone else in the world. x