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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Garden Party - Ghost Photography

We've been eagerly anticipating the birth of some baby scorpion peppers and some baby ghost peppers.... and it looks like our wait is nearly at an end!

You can (sort of) see here in the center of this photo, our first scorpion pepper bud.

Not a great shot - but I wish I had had The Mr take a picture of me trying to get even this not-great shot.  In an effort to help me get better photographs, The Mr bought me some very cool lighting accessories, one of which allows me to get my flash off of the camera.  I wanted to use this last evening to get these shots and it worked beautifully.  Unfortunately, I still have the problem of getting the right depth of focus and focus on the correct part of the image.  And this shot needed to be taken from above.  So in order to get this, I set up my flash on a tripod next to the plant and stood on the top of a step ladder (!) looking down, trying to get as far "up" as possible.  Yes, smart.

This baby ghost was easier to capture.

But wait... what do I see there?

A visitor?

Ugh!  Not our ghost peppers!  Well, I certainly hope he enjoyed his last meal.

So excited to see our upcoming super-hots!  (Though, I am not certain the we are culinarily prepared for the heat...)  We're in the process of testing our germination process with some jalapeno seeds we harvested.  I expect to see results later this week.  And, I'm expecting a bunch of tomatoes this week.  You will have to check back next week to see - in the meantime, check out An Oregon Cottage for her weekly Garden Party.

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  1. Your photography is so wonderful, Susan. Mindy from Rindy Mae and I were commiserating with each other about taking photos of food for blog posts. I was telling her about spending over an hour trying to get a few decent shots of a green bean salad, and it was night and too dark inside and we set up a million lights and then I had a million shadows, and it was a food nightmare! I took it all outside the next day and it was fine, but sheesh--the things we do for our blogs! You are miles ahead of me in your photography skills, that is for sure! I picked some of our first tomatoes tonight, and the first cukes, and some lettuce and basil, so we're doing Greek salad tonight--my favorite! Take care--can't wait to see your peppers.