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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Garden Party - Garden Surprises!

We've all had surprises in our gardens, haven't we?

Some are good surprises.  Like this pretty jalapeno we found...

... which was growing  in our hanging flower basket!  Surprise!

And this healthy tomato plant?

Growing in our hot pepper pot!

Some are kind of thankful surprises...

... like this lettuce, which is really thriving after the evil squirrel invasion.

And the fact that this scraggly tomato plant keeps pumping out tomatoes.  Surprise!

Some are NOT good surprises.  I went out to take some photos and found this unwelcome surprise:

Holy crikey, he's enormous!


I find that guy really creepy.  And he makes me mad!  As if I didn't have enough problems with my darned tomatoes... can't he go to someone else's house?  Not that we have to worry about him any more.... but I hope he didn't bring friends.  You will have to check back next week to see - in the meantime, check out An Oregon Cottage for her weekly Garden Party.

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  1. You have some GREAT surprises. I always enjoy finding volunteer plants in strange places;)

  2. Keep checking for more, they usually come in groups in my garden.

  3. I watch for the "dirt" they leave behind on the leaves. And then my chickens get s nice treat--revenge is sweet!

  4. With your perfect Mediterranean-like climate, I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to be gardening in San Diego!