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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Aztec Football

We've got season tickets the San Diego State University Aztec football games. We have not been a very good team historically, but it is basically the only game in town (so to speak) and we have a good time at the games.

We've got pretty good seats. You should be thankful that I left my DSLR in the car and had to use my cell phone for pictures. The first month of school has not been kind to the cheerleaders. Apparently no lack of beer on campus. Enough said.

And it was band night! Something like 10 high school bands came to play with the Aztec Marching Band at half time. They sit in front of us. This was the view for much of the game.

Someone was always standing. Either the band or the dance team.

We got my MIL to go to this game....

... because they had an amazing fireworks show after the game.

We had a great evening. And the Aztecs beat the Utah State Aggies! 41 - 7!!

Ni Hao Y'all


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  1. I am laughing about your cheerleader comment...yikes! Glad you had a good night of football.