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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Having a Great Week!

What a wonderful week I am having!

The Mr built us a waterfall for our pond over the weekend.  I love it!!

The waterfall sounds so peaceful,.

The fish love it too!  (I'll catch a shot of them one of these days....)  They also love our brand new lily pads!

Great start to the week.

And... I applied for a new position at my company, and got the job!   I'll be moving into the legal department, working on negotiating sales contracts.  Finally, I use my law degree.  My parents will be so happy.  ;-)

The new job moves me to a different location.  I like my current location (I work right on San Diego Bay) but my new location is in the same building as The Mr!  Yea for commuting and lunch!

Hope your week is going as well!


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