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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We officially love our new washing machine!

In the frenzy of getting ready for Christmas, I totally forgot to tell you that we got a new washing machine. Ours sprung a leak (yikes) just after Thanksgiving. We are fortunate that my dear MIL lives nearby and we were able to do our laundry there while we picked out our new machine. We got the LG pictured above - bigger, stronger, faster... well not faster, but it does get things super-clean. I am not sure how because it uses almost no water! It's funny to watch!

And... it can wash our big fluffy down comforter so I do not need to lug it to the cleaners!

Gosh, it sure is exciting to be home-owners... hard to believe one can be so happy about a washing machine! ;)

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  1. oh man! I think appliances like that are the key to happiness in my book! my dryer's buzzer broke so now when the stuff is dried it buzzes...... and doesnt stop! I HATE IT! Maybe its time for a new dryer for mee

  2. It looks so nice :) I love getting new things for the house too. Doing laundry whenever I want versus going to the laundry room is one of those simple pleasures I never want to take for granted!