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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Waiting...

... is the hardest part..  Tom Petty sang about it once I believe.

Some things for which I am waiting right now (some of which weigh on my mind more heavily than others...)

  • Hawaii cruise (51 days! not that I am counting)
  • Results of some medical tests (doctors are never in as much of a hurry as patients are)
  • Check from GMAC (long story, involving wrongdoing and lawyers and a lot of stress)
  • MIL & FIL to finally make a decision about Hawaii cruise 
  • Valentines Day (I have a fun - but inexpensive - gift for my Valentine!)
  • A good night's sleep (no idea when that may be attainable - 4 cats = no sleep apparently)
  • WW Lifetime membership (2 weeks!!)
  • Someday running again in our "spare time" (we figure, when the kids go to college - something to look forward to when our metabolisms start slowing down)
  • Info about who has been laid off at our company (The Mr and I work for a division of Cat)
  • Upswing in the economy
  • Last load of laundry to be complete (in the dryer tonight, folded tomorrow and then done!  for this week at least)
  • Laptop to be fixed (sigh)

Maybe a good night's sleep (!) and a vacation (!!) will help.  ;-)

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  1. I hope the waiting is over for all those things soon - I will keep it in my prayers though! I hate waiting, but hang in there :)

  2. Waiting is sooo hard - it's always worth it though for the good stuff!
    Hawaii cruise?!?! I am so jealous!