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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Day The Cats Take Over

(The Cats have been begging to talk to all of you.... I thought I would let them today. IF they behave, they may get another chance someday!)
By way of introduction... Lucy (10), Morgan (5), Anna & Viceroy (4 1/2)

Morgan: My name is Morgan. I'm a ragdoll, and the most handsome boy in the house. I'm also the biggest - I'm over 20 lbs! I'm fuzzy and white and I am clearly the favor-

Anna: [Whap!] You are most certainly NOT the favorite!

Morgan: GRR. [Thump!] I. WAS. TALKING.

Anna: [Bite!]

Zentmrs: No hitting! Anna! Morgan! Stop fighting!

Lucy: So, while they "work things out" I can tell you how it really is. I'm Lucy. I'm the oldest, about 9 years old. Mommy got me from a shelter when I was a little kitten. My old family was a bad family and it took me a while to understand that all familes were not bad. I love my Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes, though they are so TALL and so LOUD that I have to go into the other room so they don't seem so TALL and LOUD. I like morning best. Daddy is FLAT and everyone is quiet when they wake up. Morning has lots of petting.

Anna/Morgan: MreoW! Pfft! [Whap] [Thud]

Viceroy: They fight like that a lot. I'm Viceroy. My sister (Anna) and I are the youngest. She's kinda bossy. I'm the sweet sister. We were a present for Mommy and Daddy's anniversary (that's where we get our names.. Anna - Viceroy... anni - versary... get it?) Anyway, I'm easy-going, except when it comes to dinnertime. I like dinner AND second dinner! Also petting. Nobody should get in the way of my petting.

Zentmrs: Dinner is actually breakfast, and second dinner is really dinner. It's confusing, we know. But the cats have pretty small brains, so it makes sense to them. Don't tell them I said that.

Morgan: So I got rid of that little pest for a while. As I was saying, I'm the favorite in the house. It was a very sad day when they brought home those two rotten sisters. Sorry Viceroy. I like you, but the other one is SO annoying. I love to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. They sit with their laptops on the loveseat together a lot and I get between them and try to push their laptops off so that they will pay more attention to me!

Anna: I get to sleep next to Mommy every night!

Morgan: Only because you are a wiseacre suck-up!

Anna: Well, you stand in the sink until they turn on the water! And then you drink from the faucet! All the time!

Morgan: Tastes better that way. I don't get your rotten wisacre germs. GRR! [WHAP!]

Lucy: So, they are at it again. Mostly we get along pretty well. We miss our other two friends a lot though. Gracie was my best friend. She died almost two years ago. I'm still sad sometimes and I know Mommy and Daddy miss her.

Viceroy: And Heideki was all of our favorite. He was pretty old, but we were still surprised when he died this fall. We all miss him so much. He was a special friend to me.


Lucy: It's been fun chatting with y'all, but we have to go break up the fight before it gets out of hand. Maybe we'll stop by again one of these days!

Viceroy: Bye!

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  1. Meow. We're sneaking on to the computer while Cathy is off probably watching Craig Ferguson or out with those furry beasts who shall not be named. We are finding it very hard to type with our paws so we are holding her paintbrushes in our teeth. Meow. Weebles, Goku, Skittles, Batgirl and Drucilla (the Santarsiero cats) ^..^

  2. Cute cats. Hard to get a good picture of cats but you did a good job.

  3. I enjoyed this post. You have beautiful cats. I'm sorry to read about Gracie and Heideki. I understand the loss of a pet and know how difficult it is. We lost our Bailey last May due to complications with diabetes. She was at least 17 years old. I miss her still as she was with me for 15 years.