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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Dinner

We had our Chinese New Year's celebration dinner tonight... and I didn't take any pictures.  Grr.  In my defense, as if I needed any (after all, it is my blog...), we had an incredibly busy weekend finishing our complete house reorg (almost done too!!)...

We had a WW friendly meal that was really tasty.  Last week I purchased a new WW boook - it's called Now and Later.  It's an interesting concept in a cookbook.  On the left page, there is a recipe that intentionally has "leftovers" (which you separate before serving) and then on the right page (the next page), there is a recipe that is made from the leftovers of the previous recipe!  So I made Hoisin Beef and Noodles for dinner tonight (yummy) and tomorrow, with the "leftovers" we will have Beef and Noodle Soup.

We also had WW Orange Chinese Chicken - everyone really loved this one.  5 points per serving.

And for dessert, I served angel food cake filled with butterscotch pudding, and on top we stenciled the Chinese characters meaning "Happy New Year".  Angel food cake is always a hit.

As always, we enjoyed dinner as a family - that's the most inportant ingredient in our theme dinners!

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  1. What a meal to start out the new year, yum!!

  2. that orange chicken sounds delicious! i saw a recipe to make healthy onion rings, and i look forward to trying that soon!