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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

We spent the day in the garage.  Going through all of our old boxes.  Boxes of letters and photos and clothes.  Old toys.  

Some of the interesting things I ran across
  • the announcement of the birth of a friend's first daughter (he died in an accident about 8 years after that... bittersweet seeing that)
  • literally hundreds of birthday cards, Christmas cards and letters (apparently I never threw away a single piece of correspondence!)
  • some old issues of "The Commentary" the newspaper I ran when I was in law school
  • lots and lots of report cards
  • some cool statues I purchased on an amazing trip through Asia
  • all of the t-shirts from the many races I have run
and so much more.  Exhausting going through that many boxes!  But we finished - and managed to get rid of a tremendous amount of stuff!

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