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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

When the results are posted tomorrow, will you have the right to complain?

Not if you didn't vote!

I haven't yet, but will on my way home from work. I'm hoping that it has stopped raining (I know, rain in sunny San Diego!) by then and that the lines won't be too long.

The Mr and I vote at the local library, in a room shared by two precincts. It is always fairly chaotic, and the poll workers, bless their hearts, have a hard time handling lots of people (it may have something to do with the number of presidential elections in which they have voted... ones that may have included candidates such as Taft.... ).

The Boy will be casting his (mock) presidential vote at his school and will vote for the candidate who prefers hot dogs. The Girl will similarly be "voting" at her school and will be voting for the candidate who will give everyone in the world free health care so no one is ever sick. We will see tomorrow who won in the school's elections.

I hope that you have put some thought into your vote and that you get out there and make your voice heard today!

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  1. Good luck voting - I hope the lines aren't too long.

  2. I only vote for people who tell me they'll give me a bunch of free stuff.