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Thursday, November 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

15 Days Until We Put Up Christmas!

I held off as long as I could... but I couldn't hold back the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I am not the most patient person. And since I LOVE the holiday season so much, I just can't help but get started on it as soon as possible!

So, until we actually get to start decorating our house (we do wait until the day after Turkey Day for that) I am going to count down to the holidays with some of my favorite holiday things.

I love real Christmas trees. I love the smell, and the way they look, and the way that no two years' trees look alike. We do have several small artificial trees around the house with specific themes (in our front window I have a Nutcracker tree, The Boy and The Girl have their own artificial trees in their rooms...) but our main tree has always been and will always be a real tree. Thank goodness The Mr is on the same page!

As a kid growing up in Minnesota, we usually had Blue Spruce trees, with the occasional Norway Pine. I always really liked the Blue Spruce. They were very pretty trees and held ornaments very well.

Then I moved to So Cal. No spruces. But I did find that the most prevalent tree was the Douglas Fir, the "traditional" West coast type of Christmas tree. Trunks and bigger branches have pitch blisters that, when squeezed, burst and give off an evergreen aroma. Lots of branches so that we can have lots of lights. AND a great showcase for my substantial ornament collection!

Do you put up a real tree? What's your favorite?

If you want to know more about this wonderful holiday symbol, click here for all things Christmas Tree!

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