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Friday, November 14, 2008


14 Days Until We Put Up Christmas!

I have collected Christmas ornaments since I was a little girl. Each year, opening the ornament boxes is trip down memory lane.

The first ornament on the tree is the first ornament The Mr and I bought for our first Christmas together, a beautiful red glass heart. Next comes our Waterford heart ornaments, our first engagement present.

We have ornaments from our travels - a silly Santa-riding a dolphin ornament from Aruba. A set of beautiful crystal bells from Scotland. A pair of Asian dolls from my trip to China. A Peabody duck ornament from Memphis. A figurine showing snow on Times Square from our Spamalot trip.

Some of my ornaments bring back special memories of friends. A set of handmade snowflakes from one of my best high school friends. A garland from a law school friend who died on 9/11. A tiny Eiffel Tower from my sister from her trip to Paris.

So many memories!

I can't wait to see them again this year, and pass along the stories. Do you have favorite ornaments?

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  1. This is such a fun topic, and yes-yes-yes, we have so many favorites! Some are simply family heirlooms handed down for several generations, others are special gifts, and then we have our little mini-collections: the ice skates, TV's, goofy things like that.

    Thanks for sharing this one - it is always nice to see other people's stories on their traditions.

    Grins and giggles for a splendid weekend!