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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Brunch Review: San Diego Brewing Company

Was the last time you thought about having beer for breakfast sometime back in college? Next time you are looking for a good brunch in San Diego, you may want to revive that practice!

The San Diego Brewing Company brews some really delightful beers and serves a great brunch.

The brunch menu is short, but good. Be sure to check out the special menu on the way into the restaurant too. Their specials are always good.

And an inside tip: Eggs Benedict is not generally on the menu, but can almost always be special-ordered. The use their jalapeno beer cheese soup in place of the traditional hollandaise sauce. Best sauce ever!

We ordered the shredded pork scramble (like machaca and scrambled eggs)...

... and the Spanish Frittata. My favorite!

And of course, a taster flight of the breweries finest.

The house beers, from bottom to top, El Hefe (hefeweizen), Grantville Gold, San Diego Amber, Old Town Nut Brown, Hop Goddess, Brain Trust ESB and Love Potion #9.
The hefeweizen is one of my favorites, as is the Grantville Golden. I think the Hop Goddess has great aroma, but is too hoppy for my taste. This was the first time I had tried the Love Potion #9 - dessert in a glass! Chocolate and raspberry - just delicious!

San Diego Brewing Company is a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the effort. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it!

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