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Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Being a Step Mom

Being a step-mom means...

  • giving up the french fries for which you saved WW points and have been craving all week
  • getting up early on Saturday to go to a St. Patrick's Day Parade in which girl-step-kid is volunteering... and not staying for said parade because said kid is "old enough" to just be dropped off
  • getting up EXTRA early on Saturday to take said kid to a swim meet... and cheering while attempting to entertain boy-step-kid
  • watching "Finding Nemo" or "There Goes a Dump Truck" approximately one billion times
  • not putting spice in anything so that said children will eat
  • having endless conversations about Pokemon (seriously.)
And doing these things while wearing the standard step-mom nose-wart. Of course.

One day, though, (a long time from now) it will all be worth it when I hear my own words coming out of the kids' mouths. As in "Go close the door - were you born in a barn?" or "Sometimes life isn't fair." The standards.

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