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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let THEM Eat Cake

We had a departmental meeting at work yesterday. An exciting one for a lot of people... because we had cake.

I passed on the cake, even though it was for a colleague's 30th anniversary with the company. I passed because I've invested a lot in my weight loss journey (I've blogged about it here, here, here, here, and here - apparently I talk about it a lot... ).

I get stopped fairly often and people ask about my weight loss. I get these questions all the time - How do you stay focused? How did you do it? Wasn't it hard? Don't you really want a piece of cake?

I've thought about this a lot over the last year. Staying focused on our new healthy lifestyle is critical to maintaining our currents weights. Like many other folks, The Mr and I used Weight Watchers to lose the weight. The key to our success is 1) deciding to lose the weight and 2) deciding to keep it off.

I know that sounds simple. But I believe that is where most people fail. To be successful, we had to really decide that we were going to change our lives. We decided we were not going to go back to the way we used to eat. We decided we were too young to give up on ourselves. We wanted to be able to enjoy our lives now and as we grow older. We want to be able to be an active part of our grandkids' lives (sometime in the DISTANT future).

And we think about this on a daily basis. We still monitor everything we eat and track our weight daily. We talk about how we feel and how we look every day. We make it a point to stay focused on our "healthy lifestyle" so that we don't backslide. It was hard (and not very fun) to lose weight, but it was harder and less fun being overweight.

This is me and The Mr just after Christmas this year.

I'm in a good place right now. I reached my "goal" weight about 15 months ago and have settled in at about 10 pounds under the weight I was a year ago. It's a weight I can maintain, and it's a healthy weight.

I'm happy with the way I look. I'm happy with the way clothes fit me. I'm even a little tickled when I go to a store and find that they don't make clothes in sizes small enough for me. I've never been in this place before.

I do want that piece of cake. I really do. But being in this happy and healthy place makes it easier to pass up the cake.

Let THEM eat it. I don't need it.

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