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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I Don't Want to Go

The Mr's grandma is in the hospital. She's not doing all that well... basically it is a waiting game now. She has congestive heart disease and limited kidney function. The end could be hours, days or weeks but probably not longer. She is 94 years old and has led a full life.

We've been at the hospital with her for a couple of days. And this confirms to me that this is NOT how I want to go.

My grandfather Arthur died in hospice. Not a fun way to go. Grandma died at home. In pain but where she wanted to be.

When my time comes... hopefully a long time from now... I want to go like My Grandpa Ernie did. One morning he went ice fishing. Something he did often. He did not tell Grandma that he would be back later. Which was odd. He had a heart attack on the ice and died instantly.

I know you do not get to choose your way out. But if I could... quick and doing something I loved would be the way.

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