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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Making Ice Cream at Home

Welcome to a Summer Ice Cream Social brought to you by Love in the Kitchen!

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month, I'll be bringing you delcious ice cream treats all week long.  Bring your favorite ice cream treats to share on our facebook page.  It can't be a "social" unless y'all stop by!

I wanted to give you some ideas for a few of the tools that you need if you want to make ice cream at home.

This first ice cream maker uses ice, just like the one we had when I was a kid.  One of the best thing about this one is it is very affordable!

This is the ice cream maker that I have.  It has a bowl that you freeze prior to making your ice cream, so does require a little bit of planning.  I keep mine in my freezer all of the time - and in the summer, when I make lots of ice cream, I keep a second bowl in the freezer as well!

You'll also want a great scoop.  I like this one - it doesn't bend regardless how frozen the ice cream is, and is tapered well to scoop ice-cream easily.  And a great price!

So, you don't actually need these bowls, but these are really fun.   


You have to stop by tomorrow for our finale... the best ice cream ever.  Seriously.

Thanks for stopping by to see what this week's Summer Ice Cream Social has to offer!  Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for more information, and the other posts from this week:

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