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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweetly Lethal: Habanero Honey

Warning:  I'm not kidding when I call this "sweetly lethal."  If you don't like spicy, don't think about making this.  If you do like spicy, this is to be used in moderation.

Just a disclaimer.  Because it tastes so good, you'll want to eat more.  But it's hot (HOT!) so you will want to stop.

The recipe is super easy - just two ingredients.  Honey and habaneros.  They're even in the name of the recipe - cannot get much simpler than that.

I used two types of honey for a bit of different flavor profiles.  You'd think that with all of those habaneros, you wouldn't taste the honey, but you totally do.

Fill a half pint jar half-full with honey.  Thinly slice enough habaneros to fill the jar. (NOTE:  Use gloves for this part.  You'll thank me when you are not crying the first time you touch your mouth or rub your eyes after you've done this step.  Or at the very least, not be yelling at me.)

I think I used 8 or 9.  Pack the habaneros into the jar, and make sure they are covered by the honey.

Put the lid on the jar, and turn the jar upside down a few times to distribute the peppers evenly.  Let it sit for a day or so.  And it is ready to eat!

Doesn't this look yummy?

Great on crackers or vanilla ice cream.  Or as a glaze for grilled chicken.  Or perhaps drizzled over a slice of goat cheese cheesecake?  Hmm... I may have just decided on our Sunday night dinner's dessert.

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday! Please come back Sunday to vote!

  2. Oh my I'm not sure if I can handle these but what a great contrast sweet and super hot. Thanks for sharing them on foodie friday.

  3. I love the mix of sweet and hot! This sounds good. I just made some salsa today that had 3 cups of tomatoes and 3 cups of jalapenos! Hot, hot!

  4. Looks delicious! I love the sweet/hot combo. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great idea! I can see the reason for caution though. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing on Ginger Snap Crafts.