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Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest Monday: September 24, 2012

Here's a sample of what came out of the garden this week.

We had tomatoes.

And strawberries.

And a variety of hot peppers.

Our very first ghost pepper gave itself to us.  Before it was ready I think,  Not sure about the half brown-half green peppers, but both the ghost and cayenne peppers had a few issues with that.  Possibly the heat?

Another hot week here.  About 100 again today.  My fall seedlings are doing surprisingly well, given the heat.  And  most of the rest of the garden is still thriving - can't ask for more than that at the end of September!

Total Harvest for the Week: 5 pounds, 9.7 ounces
Total Harvest for the Year: 66 pounds, 4.6 ounces

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  1. Beautiful tomatoes and strawberries! I don't envy your heat, but your harvest, yes!

  2. I have strawberry envy. You are experiencing 100 degree weather and we are having night time temp in the 40's. Sure wish the nights were not so cold, not good for the plants.

  3. beautiful tomato and strawberries! peppers are very lovely too.

  4. It could be blossom end rot on the peppers. It's interesting that you've had so much heat and we've had almost no hot days at all this summer, are we really living in the same state?