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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Summer Day

Our busy summer day started at Starbucks.

We took our cans in for recycling - and came away with over $150!

The recycling place is next to the mecca for all homeowners and gardeners.  Recognize it?

Then I put on my swimsuit...

... to practice the fine (and somewhat forgotten art) or car waxing.  Ugh.  But the car does look wonderful again!

Then home to make dinner... with the garden trio - beans, squash and corn!

I caught a "great" shot of The Boy.

And I snapped this of the pretty flowers as I was waiting for our dessert to finish grilling (!)

We all liked it, as you can see.

And we are finishing off the evening discussing our vacation plans with the in-laws (next March, London).

How did you spend your Sunday?

Sunday Snapshot

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