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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mouse vs zentMRS and The Mr

While that darned mouse may have dealt the first blow, we are quick to retaliate!

Last night we stayed up late building these in the dark....

Screened in enclosures for our raised beds.

Hinged doors with hooks so that we can get in but Mouse can't.

Easy access to the plants.  So (assuming they can come back after the last beating from Mouse) we will be able to tend to them.

Our second shot?  Poison.  I'm not big on poisoning things in my yard.  I don't want to introduce poison into the food cycle.  We've seen predators in our yard (birds mostly and the occasional coyote) so I do know that a dead/dying mouse could be eaten.  But the other traps haven't worked.  So we're trying this poison that is supposed to not be bad for other things.  We'll see.

And we'll also hope that Mouse doesn't figure out that we have a whole (and fairly accessible) bed of peas and corn not very far away.  Let's just keep that our secret.

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