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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday - from the Webcam

We love hanging out in the backyard watching the birds and enjoying the plants, flowers and new pond we have.

Unfortnately we have to work.  I know.  Unlike the rest of the world, right?

So we have a couple of webcams that hang out in the backyard for us, and give us a glimpse of what we would see if we were there.  Here's a sample of what they captured lately:

One of our favorites - a hummingbird (in the lower left)

This one is a bit tough to pick out, but I thought it was cool that I happened to click on the camera when it happened - a bird flies by at the bottom of the image, right in the middle.  (To see it look at bottom of image, the bird has its wings spread, is in line with the pole, he is flying left over the roses)

Here's a bunny in the lower part of the image... pre-critter guard...

Another hummingbird.  Or maybe the same one.  He is very territorial.

A mourning dove flies down.

Bunny again.  With more birds on a new feeder.

Not a hummingbird.  Boy the humminbird gets mad when these little finches sit on his feeder.  He'll dive at the finches, hover and screech.  Then go back to his tree.  Then dive and screech.  Until the finch finally goes away.

I think the finch knows we are watching.

Finally he gets his feeder back.

This guy flies right through!

Hope you enjoyed our backyard glimpses!

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  1. How cool to set up a webcam in your garden! Nice idea!