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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: What We Did

We started with a lovely brunch with the in-laws. Fritatta...

... and a craft beer (it was brunch at a brewery after all...)

Then backyard tasks.  For a few weeks we have had a problem with our bird feeder.  Every night we fill up the feeder.

And wake up the next morning to find the feeder empty, and the ground looking like this.  Seed-covered!

We figured that it was probably not birds (as mostly birds don't come out at night) so it must be some kind of critter.  We don't get many squirrels (I've only ever seen one in our yard) but we probably have lots of other things running around in the night.  So we added a critter guard.  Hopefully it helps.

And we put a spitting turtle in the pond.  Only to realize we need an additional part to make him spitting (ordered on the internet and due to arrive Tuesday).  But he looks cute in the meantime.

All of this in order to have a peaceful retreat for this:

That is what Sunday afternoons should be about.

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. I like the turtle addition! You'll have to post some video of him in action :-)

  2. From our seed spillage we ended up with a beautiful sunflower.

  3. Very nice!! LOVE the turtle!!!

  4. YUM! That brunch looks delicious! The beer too, except I don't even like beer!

    Do you think raccoons? Hopefully the critter guard will help! I love your photos! (especially the frittata - did I say YUM?!)

  5. SO funny that you had to install a critter guard ;) I think the turtle will be worth it - hope it works! It's important to have a peaceful retreat!