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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Time for June Gloom

June is a cloudy month in San Diego. We even have a name for it. "June Gloom" is what we call it. And an apt name at that. Lots of grey skies. June gloom is caused by the cold ocean water and the warming air temperatures. We usually become our sunny self again in July, but June is almost always cloudy. Gloomy even.

And I don't really like cloudy. That's actually why I moved to Sunny Southern California. No one told me about June Gloom before I got here.

But since it does come every year (At least every year that has a June) I thought it would be a good idea to find something good about it.

I saw this tree. Bright purple flowers. Blooms every June. And the purple really stand out against the grey sky. And the green grass. Isn't it pretty?

I may not look forward to June, but this certainly brightens my day!

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  1. I had to laugh a little to myself when I read this.... you live in San Diego and are complaining about June being a gloomy month. Stop by Indiana 5 months into winter and then I'll let you feel sorry for yourself. :) (joking of course, but you have to see the irony.)

  2. Oh I totally see the irony! I grew up in Minnesota and spent 2 years of my college in Iowa. I know about winter. That's (almost entirely actually) why I moved here.

    We're pretty whiny here in SoCal. If the weather isn't sunny and between 78 and 82 we are not happy. Fortunately we realize how ridiculous we are.

    Most of the time. ;-)

  3. That tree is gorgeous! I want one! I love the colors.