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Monday, June 07, 2010



That's what my new Motorola DROID says when I get a new text message or email. I like it.

And I am really liking my DROID so far. A lot. It may not be the best choice for everyone, but it certainly is a great choice for me.

So, here are a few key things about the way I use my phone and the way I use technology in general:

  • I do a lot of texting and require a QWERTY keyboard
  • I don't like the screen keyboards (like the iPhone)
  • I listen to audiobooks on my phone a lot and need a decent solution for that
  • I use all of google's product, have been on gmail for years, use their calendar, contacts and docs

Also, my phone has been broken for months. One of hte hinges. So it still works, but it is pretty fragile. Which is not convenient.

Finally reached my "upgrade date" - and in comes the DROID!

So far - I really like it!

Some of my thoughts:

  • Google integration is fabulous! Right away my phone knows the people I email and talk to. LOVE this. And it is wonderful to have my google calendars with me wherever I go.
  • Screen size and resolution is great - my (integrated) web albums look fantastic!
  • Web browsing is quite good
  • I REALLY like the way that I can play an audiobook and text, or browse the internet, or email or any other task simultaneously. On my old phone, when I got a text, the book stopped and I would have to clear the text prior to the book restarting. The DRIOD way is much better!
  • Facebook integration is great - it also integrated my facebook contacts with my other contacts.
  • Google maps and navigation on my phone? Rocks. Seriously.
  • The camera is also not bad. Not my DSLR, but not bad!

I haven't had the opportunity to fully explore all the features of my DROID, but so far, I highly recommend it!

And if all of those things don't sell you on it? You can download a light saber app. I'm certain that will close the deal.

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