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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Taste of Our Last Day in San Francisco

We took it easy on ourselves today and only walked about 11 miles (making our grand total for three days about 40 miles). We clearly don't vacation well.

Today we spent in Golden Gate Park. We had also planned to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Problem was, the Bay was completely fogged in - no view from the bridge. Unless of course you enjoy a nice view of the inside of a cloud. And, it was cold. And windy. I know that I am a wimpy So Cal girl, but seriously folks. This is my summer vacation and today was 50 degrees, 75% humidity and stiff winds. No sun. Not my idea of nice weather.

Still, we had a great day! This is the Spreckels Temple of Music (San Diego folks might think it looks like the Spreckels Organ Pavillion in Balboa Park - the Temple of Music in Golden Gate Park was named after Claus Spreckels, father of John D. Spreckels, after whom Balboa Park's Organ Pavillion was named).

The Park has wonderful flowers and plants. These are calla lilies that are almost as tall as me!

This is the Dutch Windmill, one of two windmills in the Park. It's located next to the Queen Wilhelmina tulip gardens... gorgeous!

We walked around Strawberry Hill too. This is The Mr and one of the beautiful waterfalls.

We left San Fran just before rush hour, and finally found some sun around Santa Cruz!

Looking forward to a couple more days of vacation before we head home!

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