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Saturday, June 12, 2010

On Being a Step Mom

We took The Boy and The Girl to see "The Karate Kid" last night.

Great movie (and I loved the original). I was a little afraid of how it would be treated, and wondered how they could make a new "Mr. Miagi" and new "Daniel".

As a side note, the movie was produced by Will and Jada Smith, and the new karate kid was Jaden Smith (their son) with Jackie Chan as the new mentor. I thought Jaden did a great job (I could sure see his dad in his acting) and Jackie Chan was wonderful too. Definitely worth seeing!

On the family side, the movie went OK.

We ended up being able to take my in-laws as well, which was a surprise bonus (my mother-in-law NEVER goes to movies).

The Boy does karate. He was careful to point out that this movie was not actually about karate. It was about kung fu. In fact, he didn't really want to go, because it was not about karate.

The Girl didn't really want to go to the movie either. She doesn't like anything that is remotely connected to The Boy. And to her, karate and kung fu are related more that remotely.

We didn't give either of them a choice. Sometimes we "have to" do fun things together, as a family.

The movie actually went OK. The Boy ran into a friend of his - at which point The Girl said "Is it OK if I sit as far away from you as possible?"

Turned out that The Boy sat with his friend and family, and The Girl sat next to her grandparents. They tell me she laughed during parts of the movie, though I doubt she would admit it to me. Except to say to agree with whatever I said (as in, "Yes Susan" or "No Susan") in the resigned tone of a pre-teen.

The Boy on the other hand has not stopped talking about it. Of course, as far as I can tell, he never stops talking. At all. Ever. I know you think I jest. I don't. Seriously.

All in all, not a bad event. No one cried. No one yelled. That might be the most we can expect. At least until The Children exit their teen years.

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