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Monday, September 29, 2008


  • Friday night we ate at our favorite neighborhood Italian place. Not fancy, not a huge menu, but always good. We know the owner (because we go there all of the time) and soemtimes he sends us some nice food on the house. Friday we got a delish bruscetta. Yum!
  • Saturday we went to see the San Diego State Aztecs play football. The Mr and I are both Big 10 alum (he is U of I Illini and I am U of M Gopher) and the Aztecs are certainly no Big 10 team. On the upside, while both UofI and UofM lost, the Aztecs won! Big! Pretty exciting game, and likely the one win we'll have all year. We have season tickets to the games (because even bad college football is better than no college football) and we love tailgating beforehand. Anyone going to the next game, stop by!
  • Sunday was busy too - church, Sunday brunch, The Girl's youth group - and our theme dinner.... all make for a busy day.

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