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Monday, September 08, 2008

Not a great day...

The Mr is out of town. :-(

We work for a division of Caterpillar. Cat is based in Peoria, Illinois. Occasionally we have to go "to the mother ship" so to speak for meetings or training.

Peoria is a nice enough midwestern town. I grew up in the midwest (outside of St. Paul, MN) and find a certain charm in small towns. I think midwesterners are wonderful people too. I miss the kind of people you find back there more than I ever expected.

But I think The Mr should be here with me and not in some nice midwestern town. I am off my schedule. I don't sleep properly when he is not here. The cats are all out of sorts. I find it all annoying - and have enormous respect for those out there who spend extended periods of time away from their families! Honestly, I am not sure I could do it.

And thank goodness for those willing to make that sacrifice for us.

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