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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Family Reunion

I am lucky to have a family that is proud of its traditions. One of those is our annual family picnic - this year was our 39th! 39 years of salami sandwiches and Uncle George's salsa. 39 years of guessing how many nuts are in the jars. 39 years of our crazy dice game. New traditions have sprung up over time - the kids pie eating contest, family name bingo...

The picnic started with my grandfather's generation. The Old Folks. Grandfather, Aunt Veve, Uncle George, Aunt Marie, Aunt Marguerite, Uncle Ernie... they are all gone now, but the tradition lives on. Their kids ("the cousins") are now "the old folks" and my generation is next in line to take it over when the old folks decide to pass on the reins.

The best part is seeing everyone together, passing along the tradition to the little ones. That's what family is about.

Some time in the future, these kids will be passing along the tradition to their kids...

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