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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Changing Seasons

I have always loved the beginning of the season. Growing up in MN, the change of seasons was always dramatic. Winter came in with that first quiet, fluffy snow. Spring came on that one day when, after seemingly endless grey, all of the trees turned a misty green with new growth. Summer arrived with its heat and intensity. And perhaps my favorite of all, fall. The leaves subtly changing color until suddenly everything is ablaze in color.

Here in SoCal, seasons change, but you have to be attuned to it. I think it is easier to see the change in the quality of the light (particularly as I have been getting deeper into photography). Winter light is thin and white. Spring is grey, while summer is rich and colorful. Fall is golden.

I'm glad it is fall.

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  1. great pic! i agree that the light changes with the seasons. last night my hubby and i were driving around out in the country, and the leaves are starting to change. i wish i had my camera with me!

  2. Check out my blog -- I tagged you!