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Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Menu Ideas

Maybe you having a get-together for Memorial Day, and your menu is set, groceries purchased, drinks already on ice.  I wish that were me this year.  This year though, I've barely thought about it.

If you're like me this year, I've got a few ideas to get your started:

  • California Burrito Burger:  The California Burrito is a San Diego creation that takes a traditional carne asada burrito and adds fries.  Sounds strange, tastes fantastic.  I love burgers and thought it would be great to make a tasty burrito into a fabulous burger - and thus the California Burrito Burger is born!
  • Fresh Corn Salad: This was so good, I could have it every night!  I love this perfect combination of sweet and salty and spicy.   
  • Patriotic Snow Cone Cupcakes:  These were delicious!  I absolutely loved the cake, and they looked fantastic.  Definitely worth the effort if you are having a Memorial Day party.  Or even if you just like pretty and great-tasting cake!
  • Red, White and Blue Sangria:  Traditonally, sangria is made with fruit (citrus and apple), brandy and red wine.  This {patriotic} favorite of mine uses raspberries {red}, blueberries {blue}, rum and sparkling {white} wine for a refreshing alternative.
  • Strawberry Popsicles:  This time of year, we've got lots of wonderful fresh produce that needs to be used, and seem to always be in need of frosty treats.  These strawberry treats are the answer to both -  plus, they are easy to make and healthy!
  • Spicy Corn and Pepper Casserole:  This is a fantastic dish.  I love corn (could eat it every single day) and I love peppers (ditto).  And this casserole brings those flavors together in a wonderful, creamy, spicy combination that is out of this world.  Give it a whirl! 
  • Red, White and Blueschetta:  A slightly different version of the traditional Italian classic.  Perfect for a patriotic party, and delicious anytime.
  • Mini-Drumsticks:  One of my favorite treats comes from the freezer - Drumsticks!  They have everything - chocolate, ice cream, nuts and cookie-cone.  Delicious! 
  • Spicy Smokehouse BBQ Ribs:  Nothing says summer like dinner from the grill!

What's on your Memorial Day menu?  Or are you still thinking?

zentMRS - Love in the Kitchen
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