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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Easy 4th of July Cupcakes

Remember Bakerella's Snow Cone Cupcakes?  They were beautiful, but let's face it, a bit of work.

I made cupcakes for a work pot luck today, and didn't have the proper cupcake wrappers (nor the proper time!) but I did want to make show-stopper cupcakes.

I made white cupcakes from a mix, and added red sprinkles to the batter, stirring so that they appeared to have red stripes.  Actually, they did have red stripes!

Then I bought some Duncan Hines Frosting Creations with Cotton Candy Flavoring.  The cotton candy flavoring happens to be blue!

I frosted the cupcakes, and then worked on the tops.

For the tops, I took plastic appetizer forks (which I found in the wine aisle at the grocery store), added a couple of raspberries, and then drizzled melted white chocolate over the berries.  When the white chocolate was set, I added the forks to the tops of the cupcakes.

And this is how they came out!

Decorating took less than 30 minutes. And they were a real hit at the pot luck!

Folks called me the Martha Stewart of our department.  I hope they meant because of the cupcakes, not because they think I might be capable of obstructing justice....  :-)

I've linked up with Sweet as Sugar Cookies today - if you are looking for dessert recipe ideas, that's your place!


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  1. Those look just as delish and adorable.