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Friday, June 08, 2012

And then came the storm

Quite literally!

Just a couple of weeks ago, The Mr and I were in Minnesota visiting my sister and her little girlie.  Minnesota hasn't had great weather this summer.  Unless you are a fish.  Or a flood clean-up company.

Which is to say, they have had a lot of rain.  We saw quite a lot of it while we were there.  Not all of the time, but certainly a lot more than we get here in the high desert of San Diego.

We had a cookout on the 27th.  We were all sitting around the table on the deck after a lovely dinner, and suddenly, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  The Mr and I both grew up in the midwest, so even we knew what was coming.

And then the storm sirens began!  Cool!

We brought everything inside quickly, and proceeded to look up the weather on our phones, computers and television.

This is the first part of the storm that we saw:

We were where  the little person is at the very beginning of the storm.

And while most of us were inside, looking at radar, The Mr was outside enjoying the storm.  I joined him, and we watched.  Lots of thunder and lightning.  

And rain of course.

A lot of real rain.  Not like the rain we get here, but rain with actual rain drops.  A bit of nostalgia for us both.

We even took video!

That storm stretched all the way to Kansas and brought a lot of rain to a lot of already rain-soaked areas.  But if they were going to have to have a big storm, I'm glad we got to see it.  I miss real weather sometimes.

And I'm glad I get to visit it, while still getting my (just about always) beautiful weather.

What is your favorite kind of weather?

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  1. woah! i love a good storm but that looks intense!!!