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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boy Scout Food

Last weekend, The Mr and The Boy went to new scout camp, so that The Boy could get some experience camping with the Boy Scouts.

It was not The Boy's first time camping, but it was The Mr's first time.

Things he didn't like:
  • hard, rocky and root-covered ground
  • loud night-time environment
  • no shower facilities
Basically, the same reasons I don't like camping.  We're well matched.  :-)

Things he did like:
  • spending time with The Boy
  • having The Boy do all the work (which is what they are supposed to do for this overnight experience)
  • eating the wonderful Boy Scout Dutch Oven food

Like these Boy Scout Baked Beans....

Which the dads made...

With many hands and many opinions..

Do many hands make quicker work?  Hmm...

The dads also made the desserts.  Apparently, the Russian Cherry Delight was unbelievable.

Butter and marshmallows on top.  Sounds good to me already.


And then they got to enjoy a well-deserved campfire.

Great first camping trip guys!

Do you camp?  Or send your Boy to Scout Camp?


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1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh that dessert! you know it's going to be good with all that butter!