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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Another busy day, but we got so much accomplished.

  • Got up early and got The Girl off to church to practice for her youth band concert
  • Got The Boy to his church
  • Watched The Girl play the piano in the youth band concert while enjoying a lovely brunch served the the youth
  • Brought two extra kids home (who thought this was a good idea?)
  • Finished decorating the house - The Mr added a great decoration to our backyard (see it on our Honeybird Cam)
  • Got the extra kids back to their houses
  • Got all of the ingredients for my Christmas cookie baking marathon this week
  • Had our traditional "St. Nicolas Day" dinner. (This year, all of our puzzles were crossword puzzles... mine was all about Food Network - who knew there were so many people on that network?!)
  • Watched my Vikings inexplicably lose
  • Finished up laundry
  • Got the cards done
Something tells me I should go to bed soon. Maybe it's my eyes that are dry and tired? Maybe my tired head?

Hope you had a great weekend!

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