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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's not any big secret...

... but we have really gorgeous weather here in San Diego. It's February, and todayit was in the 80s at the coast and the Bay looked like this:

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  1. We had more snow last night. Oh...and before it snowed we were outside chopping ice from the storm before that. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to about 30 degrees....a regular heat wave!

  2. How beautiful! I love San Diego. I think that is so cool that your hubby is into traffic. What book is he reading? Sometimes driving around does make me crazy - especially those people that blatantly ignore warnings and then complain about getting in an accident! I also notice how each city handles traffic differently!

  3. so. jealous. (it's about 38, cloudy and drizzly here...BOOO!!!!)

  4. oohhhh i am so jealous :( the remnants of the snow/ice storm in kentucky are still lurking around here, and it hasn't been above 20 degrees for the past few days. soak up some extra sun and warmth for me!

  5. That's an absolutely gorgeous picture! I've never been to SD. Closest I've been is San Francisco.

    In answering your question, I've lived in several suburbs of the Twin Cities and would love to go back!