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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Boy

The Boy was in the annual school dance show tonight.  This is not one of his favorite school events.  However, this year he did put forth quite a bit more effort than the last 2 years.  His class did a Greek-style dance to "Never on a Sunday".  He's the one in back, looking very serious.

He's in the back center of this shot - don't the little girls have darling pink and green outfits?!

He's in 2nd grade.  Only 3 more years of the dance shows.  Sigh.  ;-)


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  1. Adorable!! Where are the videos? :) I want to see the entire routine! hehe

  2. Okay, we know he hates it, but he looks just adorable! And affirmative on the pink and green outfits for the girls, they are wonderful!