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Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Great Breads to Bake Today!

Now that fall is finally settling in here, I'm getting the itch to bake some bread.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes with you.

From top to bottom, here they are:

Apricot Filled Cardamom Bread  This is a family holiday favorite, with my own twist.  Great for breakfast.

Amish Friendship Bread  Like a chain letter, but with bread.  Fun and delicious!

Sweet Potato Yeast Bread  This is wonderful!  It is just the right blend of flavors, a little sweet, a little savory.  The sweet potato adds moisture and a nice delicate texture.

Herb and Garlic Monkey Bread Monkey Bread doesn't have to be just for breakfast.  This is a fun way to serve fabulous garlic bread.

Whole Wheat Bread for the Bread Machine Easy, healthy, tasty... any questions?

Sourdough Bread  Almost like sourdough straight from San Francisco.  But you don't have to fly.

Rosemary Focaccia  This is one of my all-time favorite bread recipes.  You need to plan ahead as it sits overnight, but it is so very worth the effort.

Habanero Honey Bread  A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, a whole lot yummy!

Amazing Pizza Crust  I believe crust is the most important part of a pizza, and this one is simple to make, but just amazing.

Santa Bread  This guy is so easy to make and so darling.  How could you resist having this on your holiday table?

Pumpkin Banana Bread  This smells like fall when you bake it.  And you just have to bake it.

Old Fashioned Italian Bread  A classic - light and delicious.

Does this inspire you to bake some bread today?

zentMRS - Love in the Kitchen
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