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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Garden Party - We Turned Up The Sun!

Technically, I suppose, we did not turn up the sun, but we did make it so more of it will shine on our garden. The tree trimmers came and gave haircuts to our eucalyptus trees.

Those these aren't the same trees, they had basically the same growth (just one year's worth of growth too!) - this is before:

... and after!
Unfortunately, the workers weren't terribly careful when doing their work and they trampled some of the garden.  I didn't take a picture of some of the newly planted and now fairly flat corn, but here are some of the newly "trimmed" peas.  Poor peas!

Also this week we planted 36 tomato plants!  We are determined to get tomatoes this year.  We had seedlings of all of these varieties:  Season's Starter, Bellestar, Bush Goliath, Banana Legs, Fabuloso, Amish Paste, Sausage, Pruden's Paste, Pere d'Abruzzo and Beefmaster.  That should give us some idea of what will grow best here.  And hopefully plenty of opportunity for canning!
Our (non-flattened) corn is growing pretty well too.  We planted a couple dozen more corn plants this weekend too.  We are attempting a phased planting so that we get our harvest over a longer period of time.  I hope it works!

My poor sad little Anna.  She desperately wants to come outside and help with the gardening.  We've talked to her about the coyotes and the hawks that will eat her if she hangs out in the garden, but she is adamant that she could be very useful.  And she's pretty sure that she could take on a hawk or a coyote.  As you can see, while we are certain that she would try, we are pretty sure she would be less that successful, and she therefore gets to pout in the window.

We'll be spending a few days in Minnesota, so your next look at the garden will be our next look! Check back next week to see what happened while we were gone - in the meantime, check out An Oregon Cottage for her weekly Garden Party.

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  1. Oh, I feel for Anna! Our cats are inside kitties too, and they do like to go out, but they have to be on a harness and leash with us or it's not safe. I open the windows wide on sunny days, and they love to see and hear everything that is going on from the safety and comfort of the great indoors! Great luck on the tomatoes--I would love to hear your opinion of what are your favorites at the end of the growing season.

  2. You keep that sweet Anna inside. I lost one of my kitties to something - bobcat or coyote. Your garden is doing well. 36 tomatoes! You will be canning for a month! How exciting. Have a good vacation too!

  3. Whew! That's some variety of tomatoes!
    I always worried about our Violet when the bald eagle was cruising overhead, but I had faith in her ability to defend herself. However, she was a stray, so had street smarts.

  4. Ok, that's a lot of tomatoes! I plant about 18 each year and that's about all I can handle. Sure hope you get some tomatoes this year to can!