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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning Routine. Cat Style.

Whoever said cats don't need people never met cats.

Take for example, these very needy cats and their morning routine.  

They need us to get up (no later than 6:30 but not earlier than 5:00) and turn on the water in the sink.  Only one of them used to need this, but now all four line up.

To watch the water flow.

And have a drink.

Shortly afterwards, this cat needs his mousie.

Every day, and in the same spot.  New mousies are optional but appreciated.

Unfortunately, he doesn't get long to enjoy it because this little pest comes along.  And he finds her very annoying.

Then comes the circling.  Circling circling and circling.

In anticipation of this.

Which doesn't take long.

And then it is back to what they do for most of the rest of the day I think.  Lots of sleep.  I think it would be nice to be a cat.

What goes on in your house in the morning?

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  1. A lot of prodding. Our cat was easier than our kids in the morning!