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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cancer sucks.

This kind of thing hits me harder these days.  You might want a tissue.  I did.

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  She had surgery, radiation and chemo and it went away.

Last November, she found out it came back.  It had metastasized to her liver and abdominal lymph nodes.  Folks who know about cancer know what that means.  I think even if you don't, "metastasized" doesn't sound good.  Stage 4 cancer fighters aren't the ones in the forefront of the press, but there are many of them.  And many of them live a long time.

She got the genetic testing to find out if she has the breast cancer gene.  She did that so that I will know.  We find out Friday and I frankly hope that the results and negative (that she doesn't have any genes).

My sis is super-strong.  She's gone through another course of chemo and is now doing a round of hormone treatments.  She's got this little pumpkin to make life fun:

And she's got a great support system with her family, friends and her work.

But it's still hard for her.  And hard for us.  We all hope for many more years of good days.  And we'll take each day as it comes and enjoy each and every one that we get.

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  1. Cancer is such a kick to the gut. Good luck to your family--that baby girl alone is a reason to fight hard!

  2. The only good side effect of cancer is that it does make me appreciate life, right here and right now, and the people I love. I'm sending positive thoughts and healing vibes. It sounds like you already have the strength part down pat.

  3. Sending healing thoughts for your sis. I had a good friend growing up who had a kidney transplant at Seattle Children's Hospital when he was 21 years old--back then, that was the upper limit of what they considered a "child" to be! They did a great job.