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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Garden Party - All Alliterations

This week we can see....

Slow-to-start Seedlings:

Pretty Pink Petals:


 Red Rose:

Pile of Peas:

Lovely Lilies:

Stray Strawberries (somehow growing at the top of my hanging hot peppers!):


Black Berries:

Weekend Work (this is in my driveway, waiting for Friday's yard waste pick-up - when I was taking this picture early this morning, my neighbor snuck up behind me and said "boo!", scaring the wits right out of me... holy cow):

Mouse-free Mousetrap (you will note, however, that it is also bait-free - a never ending battle):

I sure hope that our seeds start growing soon, and that we can get a handle on those darned mice. Check back next week to see what another week brings - in the meantime, check out An Oregon Cottage for her weekly Garden Party.


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  1. Your garden is just so beautiful--those roses--I swoon! Not anywhere near warm enough here yet for such things, but I'm biding my time planting veggis and doing clean up chores. Did a ton of pruning over the first really warm weekend we've had here.

  2. It is lovely to already see such beautiful roses. I am sure that your seedling will perk up and behave soon. Happy planting!

  3. That garden's a busy place.

  4. Ah- it's so nice to get my flower fix from your So. Cal. garden. :-) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

    (oh, and I so relate with the critter problems...they seem never-ending with us)