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Saturday, April 21, 2012

What We Ate

Sheepy would like to give you a glimpse at some of the places we ate while in London.

Our first morning in the City, we had breakfast at Starbucks after services at St. Paul's Cathedral.  Sheepy likes St. Arbucks.  

Salaam Namaste - delicious Indian food, and had the bonus of being just around the corner from our flat.

Breakfast at The George Inn in Lacock.  This pub dates back to 1361!

The original Hard Rock Cafe.  Though this only dates back to 1971, this Hard Rock is the one that started it all.

Another cup of coffee, though this time we opted for somewhere other than Starbucks.

Lunch and an ale at The Edgar Wallace near Temple and Fleet Street.

Starbucks.  See?  I told you that Sheepy likes Starbucks.

A pub dinner near our flat at Calthorpe Arms.  Good gravy.  ;-)

Late but lovely dinner at the Mug House under London Bridge.

And a dessert of treacle tart.  Divine!

We always have lunch at  Pizza Express when we tour Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!

A tasty pub dinner at the Friend At Hand, near Russell Square Station.

High Tea at The Orangery.  Very fancy.  Sheepy loved it!

Another visit to Starbucks.

Dinner at our favorite restaurant in London, Santorini.

With our favorite dessert, the galactic burrito!  (OK, galaktobouriko, but the very first time the waiter told us about it, it really sounded like galactic burrito to me)

Dinner at The Old Garage just outside of Wimbledon.  Fabulous food, and good prices.

We ate twice at L ulivo, a really great Italian restaurant in Baker street.

Dinner at the foot of The Monument (after climbing all 311 steps to the top) at The Brittania.

Lunch at the Kitchen Front Cafe in Churchill's War Rooms Museum.

One of the few places we saw Shepard's Pie - yum!

Another meal at L ulivo!

Breakfast at The Old Brewery Cafe in Greenwich.  A lot of our time in restaurants was spent planning our next route, just like this!

Sheepy, Sheepy, Sheepy and Sheepy all enjoyed lunch at the British Museum!

One last dinner in London.  Fish and chips in Trafalgar Square, at The Silver Cross.

Judging by the food we ate, I think it is a good thing that we walked more than 12 miles each day we were in London!

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  1. 4x Sheepy = 1 Jubilee

    Sheepy is the sheepiest.

  2. What a great way to document your feasting through London.