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Thursday, April 19, 2012

London's Olympic Venues

London has been getting ready for 2012 for over four years, and they've done a great job of cleaning up the city for the games.  We were able to visit a number of the different venues - we're looking forward to watching the games to see where we were!

These are the sites we saw:

Hyde Park - where they will hold the triathlon and marathon swimming.  Those birds may want to take a bit of a holiday during the games!

The North Greenwich Area (commonly known as The O2) will host artistic gymnastics, trampoline, basketball and wheelchair basketball.

Bit of a funny story - when we were taking these pictures, we were confronted by the O2 security wanting to make sure that we were not professional photographers out to take publicity shots of the O2.  We explained what we were doing and finished our amateur photo shoot, but under pretty close scrutiny.

Greenwich Park will host equestrian events (dressage, jumping and eventing), paralympic equestiran and modern pentathalon.

Hampton Court Palace will host the road cycling time trials.

The Mall (recognizable for many from last year's Royal Wedding) will host athletics (marathon and race walk), paralympic athletics (marathon), and road cycling (road race).

The Horse Guards Parade Grounds will host beach volleyball.

Eton Dorney will host rowing, paralympic rowing and canoe sprint.

Wimbledon will host (can you guess?) tennis.

You may be able to tell that, for this former tennis player, our tour of Wimbledon was a real highlight!  I even got to sit in the spot where the winners (and losers) do their post-game interviews.  Our tour guide told me to think what it would be like to have just beaten Serina Williams for the championship, and I answered "She would have had to have been asleep!"

And finally, the Olympic Stadium itself - where most of the events will be held.  This is the best view we could get.  My father-in-law was very concerned about the purpose of the structure just in front of the stadium - do you have any ideas?

Looking forward to watching the games from this side of the pond - I can't imagine the traffic and crowds that will overtake London this summer.  I wouldn't want to be there for the main event, but it sure was fun seeing where it would take place!


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  1. How cool to watch it prepare for the Big Event!