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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Men Do - Fishing and Fire!

The Girl is on a church trip this week, so we thought we would take The Boy and do some things that she would not like to do. Today we tried fishing, something that The Boy really wanted to do. At least at first.

We headed to Santee Lakes, a recreation area nearby.  We'd never been there before and it turned out to be a really nice place!  Though the Lakes weren't quite like those I grew up around in Minnesota, they are quite lovely.  And the bonus?  No mosquitoes!

Things started well.  The Mr and The Boy got the gear ready.

Then The BOy gets ready to bait the hook.  And here's where things started to turn around.

He simply couldn't do it.  Couldn't touch the worm.  A random kid who was wandering by tried to show him how to get the worm and put it on the hook, but to no avail.

He wasn't terribly happy about how it turned out.

But The Mr did some fishing... and even caught a bass!  OK, it was a little guy, but as the bass are all catch and release at Santee Lakes, a little one is just as good as a big one!

Beautiful view, wouldn't you say?!  (ignoring the people in the background that is)

Not to worry about The Boy though.  He redeemed himself at the grill.  On his first ever attempt at grilling, he did a top-notch job grilling tonight's dinner!  While he's got a ways to go on the "fishing" thing, he's got the "fire" down!

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